Adrian "Aio" O'Shaughnessy


Adrian “Aio” O'Shaughnessy has always been driven with his passion to understand this existence and express it through his music.

Born in Laois, Ireland, Aio grew up in Ballinakill, the town of the woods, and even when he was a boy, his passion for music was evident.

Until his acceptance to the acclaimed Irish Rock School, he went through phases during which he explored and expanded his understanding of music. Starting with the piano at the age of seven, Aio took up the guitar in secondary school before learning the classical flute – and quickly becoming the lead flute player in his school orchestra – and finally finding himself in singing.

Armed with a substantial knowledge in music and experience in multiple instruments, it was a natural progression for him. Indeed, he developed his technique and range pretty quickly and joined up with local bands such as PowerTrippin' and Bad Behaviour.

After learning the tricks of the trade at the Irish Rock School, he would go through another phase of exploration as even his band PowerTripping' established themselves among the biker crowd and toured to play at a lot of festivals, he was not satisfied with the business side of music.

"I became disillusioned with the music industry and soon began to realise I needed something else."

In 1997, Aio enrolled for a Hons Degree in Electronic Engineering further expanding his understanding of the world.

Aio’s passion for everything music did not dwindle, however. On the contrary, he was now able to sing and write songs the way he wanted and feel that first thrill of sharing what he created with others all over again.

Constantly creating and constantly singing, Aio shared his work with the fans and musicians alike by writing and co-writing a mountain of music, collaborating with a huge list of brilliant musicians over the internet and making his art available to everyone.

Focussing only on working with others, learning from them and sharing his own inspirations with them, he’d built a large circle of accomplished artists in a short while.

In 2012, through this network of music, he was contacted by Henning Pauly, the mastermind behind the Frameshift project albums. Impressed with Aio’s work and voice, Henning asked him to collaborate with him, a brilliant musician and producer who worked with giants of the rock scene such as James LaBrie and Sebastian Bach in the past.

Aio and Henning have been collaborating on many songs since then and they are currently working on the new Frameshift album together.

"I've studied voice and vocal technique for as long as I can remember. Every single day I continue to strive to make my voice a better instrument. I'm excited about the future and look forward to working with talented artists and bands from all over the world!"