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Ghost Bloggage ...

Here we are, a month since the last blog post; no idea where the time went, as ever.
It has been a strange period here in the Low lands; no actual Winter to speak of. Yet.
We have even had sunny days of sitting outside, Adrian with a guitar, me with a notebook..
Adrian has set himself the task of 2 hours rehearsal per day, relearning old songs as well as putting down click tracks for the new album, finishing demos, and re writing some parts of new songs. Trying to learn how to actually play, he says...  otherwise he will look 'a bit of a twat' on stage.
That is a professional musician's term; honestly.
Since the last blog post, we've
been to see Camel
been to see Crimson ProjeKCt
Adrian met the lovely Matt Stevens while on a brief trip to England
consumed vast quantities of gin in the interests of taste testing
bought some LPs (OK, lots)
had bad news about the state of 9SCHQ (it's Falling To Pieces)
(see what I did there?)
and had a few rather crappy days what with one thing and another. I tell Adrian it's all good for the lyric writing process, and to channel the anger, frustration and general misery into a really good song to blow everyone's ears off...

Adrian and Michel have been locked away, shunning the beautiful weather (apart from that one weekend when we stupidly climbed up the church tower in Delft; a uniquely terrifying experience on many levels). They have now finished all the click tracks (I don't know what that actually means, but I just nod my head, smile and pat their heads proudly when they tell me this), pushed lots of buttons and twiddled their knobs. Some red wine 'may' have been harmed during this process.
Next up is an exciting period; On Friday the wonderful Adrian O'Shaughnessy will arrive for an intense rehearsing/writing break. My job is to escort him from Schiphol to Arnhem, to Pieter van Hoorn's brilliant home, where the band will be reunited in one room! Only the second time this has happened, a momentous occasion. It might feel quite celebratory and festive!  Some musical history will be made.
On Saturday they will reconvene here to annoy the neighbours and do some more recording; I have the best job, which is keep them supplied with bacon butties, tea and cake, followed by curry, beer, more curry, more beer and, maybe, more cake.
There will be the obligatory swearing at cats and equipment, and a few surprises.
Adrian is powering up to write a 'proper' blog once this weekend is laying flat on its back, exhausted but happy; thanks for letting me fill his space this time.
Enjoy the week! (photographs, and quite possibly, sneakily filmed video clips to come)