Gun point


I have been forced at gun point to write another wifey blog, sorry.
As you may have noticed, there has been feverish activity around 9SC; a metric fuck ton of it, to be honest. It feels like it has taken a very long time to get to this point, but as of now the guys are at the top of the virtual ski slope, about to hurtle down a slippery slope of creative creativity. (I may have messed up the metaphors somewhat).
Last weekend was a long awaited occasion, for Mr Adrian O'Shaughnessy joined us from the other side of Europe. It was only the second time he has been over here, the second time all the band have been in the same physical space, and the very first time they have interacted and been musical together! I didn't get to see that on the first day, I was merely the human vaseline (in that I smoothed everyone's passage.. ooer Matron). My task was to meet Adrian from Schiphol, then escort him to Arnhem, where Paul van Zeeland would pick him up and take him on to Pieter van Hoorn's brilliant home (set up for rehearsals). Of course I had baked a cake; an energy giving, stomach lining thing of beauty. Except they were so busy they didn't even get to it until gone 8pm! Having said that, they ended up working until 2am; tired but happy. I was home in the kitchen the whole time.

On Saturday I was up early, earning my Mrs Doyle nickname. Plates of sandwiches, another cake.. oops, I almost forgot to even hoover and dust the old place. As the studio upstairs would have been too small for everyone, they decided to set up in the living room; I had warned the neighbours earlier in the week, we cleared the floor space, and after lunch the fun began. We also had Michel Simons, Paul van Zeeland and Christiaan, a lovely crew and a joy to have here.
It's never an easy task, stepping into someone else's shoes in a band. Especially a singer, one of the hardest members to replace. Adrian (O'S) was absolutely professional from day one; a joy to witness in action. Enthusiastic, funny and very hard working, the chemistry was great from an onlooker's point of view. I'll let Adrian J talk about it from a band point of view though.
I can say it will influence the 'new' songs, of course.

We had a break for a massive Indian meal; some drinks may have been consumed too. I don't know about everyone else, but I was knackered; why did I even suggest Mojito's so late in the evening? (sneakily I stuck to wine and let someone else drink the rum).. it was a rather late night, around 5 I think?... especially since we had arranged a surprise for Adrian O'S for (too early) Sunday morning before he had to go home. We dragged him off on a bus trip, right across from the Heineken factory, where we picked up our little boat from Winter storage! It's a family joke; we called it Traces because there wasn't even enough profit to buy a tank of petrol from that LP, but since we haven't owned a car in nearly 9 years it's our one 'luxury' method of transport. YOLO, as 'the kids' would say (sarcastically, of course).
And that was it; after a leisurely sightseeing cruise of the waterways, it was time to say goodbye until the next trip. It went much too fast, of course, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before the real action starts. You will be the first to know :)