3 years


3 years

Finally ...
The new album is finished ...
well ... almost ...
Just the final mix tweaks and mastering and we are done.
Quite an achievement again, and it's been some journey this time.
Ch ch ch ch changes!  .. bandmates, minds, attitudes, singers, responsibilities, and even pants.
As I have written before, at times I did not think that we would make it to the end of this album, and I came close to throwing in the towel a number of times. Now, listening back to the final album, I am so glad we all persevered. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It sounds amazing, thanks to the great deal of work that went into every minute of the music and the hours and hours of mixing and tweaking. It's been a labour of love ... and war. I have had to fight with this one all the way.

What can I tell you about the album then? Well, it's dark, it's different and it's done. It's called LEAVES. It has a fantastic new voice, it has an angry, semi-depressed mentalist doing the writing and twatting about on the guitar a bit; it has great young talents adding flavours and brilliance and kicking my arse into new gears, it has a powerhouse engine room drum maestro driving it all along. It has weight (and not just my beer belly), it sounds amazing thanks to our brilliant engineer/mixer/producer, and it has it's own sound. A sound I like. I hope you will too.
Lyrically and musically it's been influenced by what is going on around me in the world, and my own reactions to it. Lyrics have been written in snatches as inspiration struck ... middle of the night, walking through fields in the summer, train journeys, flights, hotel rooms and at home over breakfast with a hangover. Inspiration strikes randomly. I always struggle with lyrics. I guess it's similar to how many people don't like the sound of their own voice when recorded and played back to them, it's like a horrible distortion of the perception of yourself. There have been many re-writes and changes along the way, particularly for 2 of the songs, with the last lyric being re-written again even on the day of recording the final vocal. I think I am happy with them now ... for now anyway.
So, "when can we buy it!?" I hear you all cry. All 5 of you. Well, there is still much to do to prepare for release. Final mix and master, artwork, pressing, organising a home for the release and distribution, and co-ordinating everything. I can't wait until the finished item is in my hands and then I can finally rest more easily. There will be promo video clips and things on the way in the coming weeks, and hopefully the lead pop single video, destined for the top of the chart! (not sure which chart that is though). It's all happening.

but first ... I am going on a much needed vacation with my wife in December. It's been a crazy year and a few weeks of downtime is needed to recharge all batteries before embarking on releasing my latest musical creation into the world. I hope that everyone who has supported Nine Stones Close so far will enjoy this new progression of the music. I am pretty sure it will confuse some people, confound, surprise and challenge others at times, but it's still Nine Stones Close, it still has the Nine Stones Close sound, it's heartfelt and sincere, and I hope that comes through in the grooves and the digital ones and zeros.
Here is a taste of what to expect ... hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again for all your support and patience!