Ade's Blog second entry, star date 10226358754


Broken strings and knotted fingers....

Well, another day in the studio today working on the new album. I was joined by Michel Simons again today to help out at the controls. I can't begin to tell you how much of a help that is! If I am working alone and things aren't flowing too well it's too easy for me to shut everything down and walk away from the studio. Having booked time with Michel and knowing he has given up his day to help out means I focus more in those times and battle on through to get things done. Today was one of those days when I could easily have called it a day early. I couldn't find the right guitar sound or feel that I was looking for, couldn't get a proper grip on the arrangement and worst of all couldn't play the goddamn guitar well enough to get a decent take! Arghhh! We had made hardly any progress in the first couple of hours and luckily we were rescued by bacon sandwiches for lunch provided by my lovely wife. :)

Before lunch we had also been having problems trying to work on a track that I had started previously, technology problems put an end to that one within an hour once I figured out that I had no idea how to get the DAW software to do as it was told. Time to RTFM and come back to that one methinks ;-) ... Things went better after lunch and we started on a new song, tentatively entitled 'new song'. It started to take shape eventually. It really helped that I actually managed to play the parts properly after a while, it really did, but it was still a struggle to get the results I wanted. The harmony parts were working well and I was just about to start putting down some 12-string on the choruses when i broke a string (pics above) .... grrrr. I'll have to come back to those parts later when I have restrung the thing.

We finished the session by listening back to a couple of demo's Brendan sent through recently for the album, one of which we will work on next weekend, a fabulously dark and ambient piece. So a pretty successful session in the end and another new track ready for input from the other guys. Next Saturday is booked in to continue the march of progress on the new album ... watch this space.

Todays' Beer Count = 2 x Leffe Bruin .... a dark Belgian beer, a Jones Beer Fridge regular :-)

Well, so far anyway .... I am off out to watch a local band later and consume more beers ..... the count WILL go up of course!