Ade's Squeaky Blog Entry


Stop that bloody squeaking....

I spent a bit of time in the studio again this evening working on a couple of things and listening back to some of the recordings from the last week. One thing I did notice is that there are tremendous string squeak noises on the acoustic parts. I know this is natural but once your ears focus on that sound you hear nothing else. The question is do I try and re-do the parts and see if I can get rid of it? It's all very natural of course and part of the guitar sound but I never heard it as bad as this on my recordings before. I wonder what the best way to minimize this on a recording is? Some people say it's about technique, but I think that's garbage, lighter fingering and raising or lifting the finger weight makes no difference, trust me I have tried it..... many times. I have a tried a few other things like string oil and olive oil on the fingers but nothing seems to work. Any advice gratefully received.

Anyway, other than that the demos are sounding good so far and everything is going in the right direction. I put down some guide bass lines (pics below) on a couple of tracks tonight so that Brendan can start work on them, hopefully the first track will be ready for some vocal input from Marc in the next week or so.

Saturday this week is booked as another full studio day and I am hoping to get at least one more track ready for the other guys to work on. I think pretty much all of the material is now written for the album, but you never know when a new idea might come into play. Michel will be helping me in the studio again on Saturday, which should really help to get things moving. Of course food and wine will also come into play at some point during the evening .. ...... oh and beer of course :)

We saw a couple of local artists at a local venue on our evening out on Saturday. The young singer songwriter, Katia, who supported the main act was very good, I enjoyed her set a lot, nice voice, good songs, nicely played, you can check her music out HERE. The main set was a band called Long Conversations led by a friend of ours, singer songwriter stuff and a very enjoyable set. Link HERE.

Right, time to get some rest

Todays' Beer Count = 0   ..... something seems to be wrong there :(