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last blog end of drum sessions when website was hacked middle of last year ... eek
... since then LP released, Marc left, gigs canceled, great reviews, won Progmotion award, radio shows, vinyl, decided to take a year off then started writing new LP, drove Michel nuts, got fatter, work stress, new equipment, knee operation, marillion weekend, some class gigs, new peeps

So, here it is... a kind of sort of round up ghost written blog for Mr Nine Stones Close himself, Adrian Jones.

I suppose I am in a unique position, getting to hear all the music right from its first breath and mewling squawk, through to epic face melting rock monster (OK, I 'may' have exaggerated that bit?) (or did I?). Anyway, he has charged me with the huge responsibility of translating his mumbled thoughts onto paper and passing them on to you, the lovely patient fans; I hope you will bear with me while I try to get these ramblings into some sort of coherence.
Apparently it's been quite a while since he last blogged? It's all because the 9SC website was viciously hacked last year, and it took an awfully long time to sort out the damage and get it all redesigned and running again (thank you Nico). And of course, when you put things off, they just get bigger and harder to do? (wash your brain out, young man). An awful lot has happened, some of it awful, lots of it distinctly wonderful; I hope I can remember it all so you can experience the thrills and spills too :)
After swearing vehemently, long and loud, that he would never, ever make another album after One Eye On the Sunrise, somehow these new songs just had to escape. So here we are, a year on, with a quite large chunk of entirely original and improved music. It's still early stages, very rough demos and bare bones; but it exists as an entity (not an evil one, though, don't panic). I can promise a few surprises, and some news to be broadcast fairly soon, but first one of those wibbly screen flashback montages so beloved of cheesy films.

I believe the last blog was even before OEOTS was released, so I have to cast my mind way back into the mists of last year; of course we had a lot of laughs finishing everything off and making big plans for tours and gigs. There was even time for a holiday when Brendan Eyre brought his lovely wife and daughter over for a visit; the sun shone, there was beach! and Antwerp! Oysters and beer! BBQ, boat trips and fun. We also had an amazing time at the launch party, and the year brought many new contacts in business and personal ways, some of whom have become very important in the 9SC household. Michel (AKA Button Pusher) has been, and remains a very important key figure in the recording process. His input is invaluable, and his capacity for letting me launch experimental food at him is inestimable. Paul, the expert in sound and mixing, has also become a valued band member, a very handy guy to know and his years of experience have proven to be a huge bonus.
There was sadness of course; Marc Atkinson rightly decided not to jeopardise his income, or delay work on his own material, so reluctantly backed out of any further projects or live shows. Many people felt Marc was the voice of 9SC, and were obviously shocked at the timing, but it was a logical step for him, and there is never a 'good' time to end a relationship.

We had the huge thrill (well, Adrian did) of seeing OEOTS as a beautiful vinyl release - a PROPER LP!!! Antonio's artwork looked absolutely stunning in the larger format; the day those LP boxes arrived the champagne was flowing, I can tell you! Adrian has always been a huge vinyl fan, as anyone who has been here can testify. I can't tell if the weight of those records is keeping the house upright, or helping it slide gradually into the river. These are very rare collectors editions of OEOTS, by the way, so if you do want to own one please let us know?
Wow, this blog entry is turning into a bit of a prog epic.Where was I? Oh yes; the album came out to a huge wave of positive reviews, it was such an amazing reception across the world! An absolute thrill, and a testament to the talent of all the people involved in getting it made. Adrian and the guys did some fun radio interviews across the land (and beamed out from America too). Receiving the Progmotion award was the cherry on the cake; a huge honour and a lovely surprise. As a non band member, I have to say I am constantly impressed and awed by the people we have met and interacted with at every stage; what a genuinely lovely and special network of people are involved in this 'scene' (not to mention how talented and interesting you all are). I have had many occasions to look around our table and see such passion and enthusiasm that I really feel quite humbled. OK that was soppy, sorry; back to the real me :)
On top of all the music, of course Adrian has a demanding full time job and an annoying family with very annoying cats; it's amazing he achieves anything, really! He had to go over to America a couple of times, the bonus of that is long hours of uninterrupted thinking time on the flights and in those hotels, plus visits to awesome places like the Rick Nielsen museum which inspire him. (let's not mention all the delicious food )
Early this year, Adrian suddenly had a nice piece of metal poking out of his knee cap; this ended up with him having to have an operation and removal of nearly all the old metal 'cage' holding the knee cap together. As this was barely a fortnight before Marillion weekend, he was dreading it; happily he could still manage to go (OK some strong painkillers/beer 'may' have been involved). This was a very important time for him, as Marillion weekend is a chance for him to catch up with some special people in 9SC history, and without it the band might not even exist.

He is still as metal as ever, just perhaps not so liable to set the machines off at airports any more, and is walking without a stick once more. This should mean being able to gig without sitting on a stool! Of course being back in hospital did not agree with him, and he has had a few ups and downs, but I always tell him to put it in a song :)
The lyrics for the next album should be interesting; it won't all be doom and gloom (we'll save that for the side project). I can promise lots of food and drink, though I have been warned to stop feeding him quite so much. Not too sure how I can do that, short of inviting more people to visit and help eat his share? There will be more updates anyway; for now I can tell you he is being pretty productive up in his studio room with a view, and there will be news coming shortly. Possibly even snippets of songs, videos and mini interviews. Thanks for letting me witter on; until next time!

- Sarah