Announcing the new Nine Stones Close Line-up!


The months of searching for the right voice are finally over, and Nine Stones Close is ready to announce its new singer! We are thrilled to welcome Adrian "Aio" O'Shaughnessy to the Nine Stones Close lineup! Adrian hails from a rich and textured musical background, most recently collaborating with Frameshift’s Henning Pauly. His powerful and versatile vocal style will allow the band to explore exciting new musical dimensions. Adrian O’Shaughnessy had the following to say: "I was first introduced to NSC when I heard their fantastic album “One Eye on the Sunrise”. I was immediately struck by the songwriting quality and intense colours of the guitar textures. To my great surprise I was introduced to Adrian through a mutual friend and found we shared a common passion for music. I was then lucky enough to hear some of the demos for the forthcoming new album. I was again blown away by the songwriting and realised that these songs had fantastic potential. I feel these new songs will bring me challenges vocally that I welcome with open arms. I look forward to crafting songs and soaring melodies with the band and hopefully will also get to play them live."

Sadly, with good news comes departure; Brendan Eyre has left the band in order to pursue other projects. With the aggressive schedule and live requirements for the new Nine Stones Close album and additional plans, Brendan was unable to reconcile this with his own busy schedule, and made the mutually difficult decision to step down. We wish Brendan all the very best and great success for the future, and anticipate further joint projects.

Stepping into the breach is the incredibly talented (and incredibly young), Christiaan Bruin (Sky Architect). Christiaan's keyboard textures, ideas, and creativity are already infusing new songwriting ideas, and we are incredibly happy to have him on board. Christiaan Bruin said: "I am very excited about joining Nine Stones Close! It's a group of awesome musicians with great drive and creativity, who also happen to be nice guys as well. The music of Nine Stones Close fits me really well, so it's great to be a part of it. I'm really looking forward to working with these guys, and from what I've heard I think the new material is really strong. Thus begins the adventure!"

Please join us in welcoming Adrian and Christiaan to the world of Nine Stones Close, we think you will be as excited as we are to discover how Nine Stones Close will evolve through the infusion of these new influences. This line-up will allow us to play live, so we are looking forward to that exciting prospect! Adrian, Peter, Pieter, Christiaan, and Adrian are working hard on writing the new album, and recording sessions are slated for autumn. Please keep one eye on the web site and social media for continued news.

Thank you all for the continued support!

Nine Stones Close


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