Ade's Blog Day 1


A good day in the studio....

Welcome to my first blog entry ... To start with I will be chronicling the making for the new album, all of the trials and tribulations along the way, the beer count, the moments of insanity and hopefully moments of joy. Over the past 9 months or so I have been busy writing songs when I have had the time and its time to turn some of those songs into the latest Nine Stones Close record. I have been working ever more closely with Brendan on material and we are collaborating on the music closely this time around. What we have written so far is sounding very exciting. I have been writing mainly on the acoustic and in a different tuning to normal, using the DADGAD tuning has made me approach my playing a little differently and that has influenced some of the writing.

Last weekend I spent a day in the studio with my friend Michel Simons helping out on the controls (pictures below). Work began on a new epic piece that I have been playing around with on the acoustic since last summer. It's a rather different sounding track to anything on the last album and I am really pleased with the way it's turned out. It rocks!! I think you are all going to like this one.

Fast forward to today ..... Having started the day with cornflakes and coffee in the studio while listening back to ideas, I worked on a track that was written on the acoustic guitar almost a year ago. I started expanding that idea into a long form piece of music. There was a fight with the ending of the song and I eventually ended up changing the original idea for the ending completely, but it all worked out great. I think this one is going to sound stunning once Brendan has worked his magic on the keyboard arrangement. I did record a guitar solo for this one but it's only a placeholder, though there were some ideas flowing already. I usually leave the solos until much later in the process if possible, unless an early take while messing around just happens to be a gem. It does happen. I am looking forward getting this track off to the rest of the guys to work on.

As the evening drew on I was making more and more noise, especially in one section of the song which builds like crazy into a noise crescendo. The neighbours are going to love me haha. After 10 hours at it I decided to down tools, pour myself a massive gin and tonic and update this blog. A good idea, I think.

I will regularly updating this blog from now on with all kinds of news updates but mainly concentrating on taking you through the making of the album. There is loads to come .... maybe even some demo sound clips and video ... we'll see :) Keep an eye on this page ......

Todays' Beer Count = 1 x Maredsous Bruin .... a lovely dark Belgian beer, highly recommended.