Let them eat cake


Oh, and bacon butties!

Well, Saturday was another good day in the studio working on the new album. With Michel Simons at the controls again we were soon headed for the heart of the sun. After a sticky start fighting with the studio software and my crap early morning playing, a bacon butty and tea break came at just the right time. After resuming our efforts things started to really flow. In the afternoon we managed to get all of the guitars done for one new track, including the first time I have used classical guitar on a Nine Stones Close track. It's a little different but it's sounding really great. I also laid down some 12-string using my new Faith guitar, sounds beautiful.

Late in the day I started jamming around and came up with a new song idea. As I stomped around the studio like some demented metal thrash maniac, Michel commented that this tune 'might not be very Nine Stones Close'. Either way it rocked so we started to record it anyway, after playing around with a couple of ideas for the verses, I had the insane idea of changing the time signature every few bars. It worked! ... well ... to a degree... I actually made it too difficult for me to play along with the drums any more. After Michel had finished laughing his ass off at my incompetence ... for quite some time, I might add, it was time for dinner ... a rather nice home made duck and Toulouse sausage cassoulet followed by a sumptuous chocolate and ginger cake (courtesy of my talented and long suffering wife). DELICIOUS!

After washing everything down with a few glasses of wine we decided to hit the studio again for one last go at that guitar part. Strangely enough the wine seemed to have kicked my brain into gear, and a few takes later we were getting somewhere. Finally we entered battle with a new chorus riff, which just didn't seem to work no matter how many guitar god faces I tried to pull while playing it. Oh well, one to pick up in the next session. It was getting late so we called it a day. I poured myself a massive gin and tonic and we retired to listen to some music and chill out. All in all, a busy but fun session. I have a break from recording next weekend, then it's back to it the following weekend. I am hoping to work on some editing and lyrics in the meantime though. I might post a few vids and sound clips in the coming weeks so watch this space! Cheers!

Beer count: 1 x Maredsous Bruin

Wine Count: Several glasses of a rather nice Rioja

Gin Count: 1 x Monster XL size